Welcome to the Brentwood 5:05 Club

A social club of local business owners and community members
We are a group of business owners/professionals living or working in Brentwood Bay, BC.
We meet monthly: usually on the 1st Thursday of the month at 5:05pm

  1. A monthly opportunity for business owners in Brentwood Bay to connect with their peers.
  2. An after-work drink: no presentations, membership fee, pomp or program.
  3. Hear the latest on each other’s work, organization, life and business happenings.
  4. Please feel free to invite a friend.

Local business owners and professionals get a chance to unwind and connect over drinks after work. This event is held at various establishments throughout the area, creating a relaxed and informal atmosphere where peers can come together without the usual formalities of structured meetings or membership fees.

Gather, connect and share updates and stories about their lives, work, and the latest happenings in their what they’re doing. Make connections. Find support and inspiration from their fellow entrepreneurs.

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5:05 Club Members

These are some of our members. To see all of our member listings, go here.

Imagine Words And Music

The Imagine team is made up of 10 writer/producers. Each with over 20 years experience in creating music for advertising.

Phone: 1-800-246-2446

Email: geoff@imaginewordsandmusic.com

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Hear Inc.

Our audiologists are licensed by, and registrants of, the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of British Columbia.

Phone: 778-426-4876

Email: donna@hearcentralsaanich.com

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